The West Wing

Much to the surprise of almost everyone I know, we haven’t been watching The West Wing for the last, umm, like six years (it is in its seventh season).

Well, we went to the local library and borrowed season one DVDs. We have gone through well over two thirds of the first season and it is a pretty spectacular show. If you aren’t watching it, you should consider renting it and giving it a try.

This brings me to a related topic — the underutilized public library. Classically, I haven’t utilized the library to any great extent, but, over the last few months I have started increasing my visitations and found it to be quite a resource. If you haven’t visited your public library recently, I would urge you to check it out.

Oh, we didn’t make it into the museum… if you didn’t guess, we stayed home and watched The West Wing all day (quite literally). We decided to do the museum some evening this week. Sure, we’re lazy, but, in some cultures that has to be a positive trait, right?

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