SSX On Tour

I got a demo disc for the PS2 version of SSX On Tour about a week ago, complements of EA. It played really solidly, lots of fun. The only real issue is that I have is that classically I have played the SSX games on the Xbox, so I am not used to using the PS2 controller (although I hear the game is better suited to the PS2 controller than to the Xbox controller).

I think I have played all the SSX games on the Xbox, (except for the original, SSX, which is a PS2-only title) so I decided to get the latest installment for the Xbox instead of the PS2 (control differences aside). The load times on the Xbox are better (probably thanks to the hard drive) and I would guess the graphics are crisper and there are probably fewer in game lags on the Xbox (in general the Xbox is a considerably more powerful machine). After playing about an hour, I can say SSX On Tour is a very solid addition to the series. It is a big open mountain type of game, much like SSX3 was. This has its plusses and minuses. In general it is a big benefit, but, SSX Tricky had some really fantastic levels which were really wild, the kind of thing you just wouldn’t model on a “realistic” mountainside. For sheer craziness, I think Tricky is probably my favorite, for sheer smoothness, tight controls, etc. On Tour is probably the best. You really can’t go wrong with any of them (except I think there are some minor and major control advantages that are introduced into each new game).

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