Network failures…

I was thinking just a few minutes ago (not the first time this thought has occurred to me) that every time I have the DNS problem on my desktop machine, which never seems to go away, it seems to happen when I am using Firefox (or so I think, I cannot think of a time it happened while I was doing something else). There are two reasons I can think of for this. The most likely is that it is because I am using Firefox a LOT and it is the primary software I could be using to notice the failure. Firefox probably does 99.99% of the DNS on my system. The thing that occurred to me was that maybe it is some odd bug between my system and Firefox. Going down that path of thinking I have removed Firefox 1.0.7 and all of its files and installed Firefox 1.5RC2. I will use that for a few days and see if it makes a difference. I am 99.99% sure it will not make any difference. If this doesn’t solve it I will again test my thinking by just using Opera or IE for a few days, I guess. Argh this is now been frustrating me for over a week. Oh well. Will keep you updated (should you care).

Check my next blog entry (in a couple minutes) for a cool picture I found on Flickr.

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