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Sorry, my blog has been altogether too serious with my network and video problems. Here is a VERY COOL picture I found up on Flickr. Click on it to get larger sizes. The largest size makes an excellent wallpaper for your computer, in my opinion.

We had a mostly lazy weekend. Started West Wing Season 3, watched about half of it. We had lunch at Chevy’s yesterday, which was pretty darn good. We haven’t hardly eaten out in the last few months, so, it really felt like a treat.

This week we will probably just try to stay caught up on TV, I plan to go to a Java users group one evening, and we’ll probably watch more of West Wing Season 3.

I really hope to figure out my networking problem this week, but, I doubt I will. I will probably just have to move my data to my slower “other” machine that currently isn’t running. I don’t know what to do next. Oh well.

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