Taste of Network and MP3 Player

Well, I hate to jinx it, but, it has now been two days since my last network failure on my desktop machine. The difference? I flashed my WRT54G wireless router with the DD-WRT firmware, an alternate, open source, software choice for the WRT54G. DD-WRT has a TON more configuration settings and it seems to play much nicer. The real question is WHY did my WRT54G start flaking out. I guess I will never know. Another alternate firmware is made by Sveasoft, which I used to run, but, I think I like DD-WRT better.

My hard drive, which I mentioned before was failing, started failing again. I switched back to another drive and all seems good. Unfortunately, I have found two dead or dying hard drives within the last week, both of which are now out of warranty. It seems hard drive warranties are now almost non-existent. Oh well. Back up often (or just don’t care when your hard drive dies).

About two weeks ago I managed to loose my Rio Carbon MP3 player. I have been very sad since then. I am still hopeful it will turn up, but, for now, it is gone. So, I finally broke down and got a Creative Zen Sleek from Best Buy (with the extended warranty, of course… I really recommend the extended warranty on MP3 players). I will keep you updated, but, I am really happy with it so far (with my VERY limited time with it). I did a lot of looking and mostly ruled out Creative MP3 players, but, this one suits almost all of my needs, I think.

We went to the Taste of Rahway tonight. Lots of food from local restaurants (15 or 20 restaurants represented). Lots of wine and liquor (and liqueurs) from local shops (about the same number). Lots of fun, good food, way too much to eat and drink. It was a flat $30 for admission, which wasn’t too terrible. Shot my “good eating” for the day, but, life goes on. Lots of holiday fun.

Well, until next time.

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