The Holidays

Christmas has come and gone. I took about a week off of work to spend with my sister and her husband who were visiting from New Mexico. It was a nice visit, did some touristy stuff in the city, saw a good band down at the Jersey shore. Relaxed. Ate some good food. I made my usual Christmas gumbo. They left on Christmas day, so Deb and I mostly just lounged around the house. We finished West Wing season 4, started season 5. I made some progress on Price of Persia: The Two Thrones for the Xbox. It was a nice break and now I am heading back toward work.

No specific plans for New Years Eve. I suppose we will find a party, come into the city to see times square, or, just sit home for a quiet evening in… definately one of the three 🙂 For our anniversary we are going to the New York City Ballet to see a set of works by Balanchine. Should be interesting.

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