Wolf Creek and NYC Ballet

I watched the movie Wolf Creek. It is getting some press because it is supposed to be “uber-violent”. It was a decent horror film, but, felt a little thin and ended pretty abruptly. The actual violent parts don’t really make up that much of the pretty short movie. It is supposed to be based on a true story, but, since there aren’t a lot of facts actually known (or so I gather) it is kind interesting where they embellish and where they just leave the story incomplete. Overall, if you are a fan of the genre go see it (or wait for video, or just go see Hostel or Saw or Saw II instead). I found it to be decent, but, not the uber-violent film it is being sold as.

I also watched the video American Pie: Band Camp. It was, umm, right about as good as you would expect the forth movie in the series, this time released directly to video. If you are into this kind of thing you will probably enjoy it. Very sophomoric with a few laughs. Maybe not quite as bad as I expected.

For our 9th anniversary Deb and I went to the New York City Ballet. Deb is a big fan of ballet so it seemed like a good choice. The evening was a set of five unrelated pieces…

The orchestra (which varied in size from piece to piece) was very good. The dancers seemed skilled to my untrained eye — sometimes I felt there was some intended symmetry missing, but, they aren’t robots… I really enjoyed two of the pieces, Liturgy and (especially) Fearful Symmetries, but, the other three I wasn’t quite as enamored with. Overall, it was fun and it left me with a better understanding of which ballets I might enjoy in the future (and which ones I might want to avoid) — well, that probably isn’t entirely true, because, I wouldn’t know how to tell one from another unless I was watching them, but, Deb probably knows which ones I would like better and maybe she could pick them 🙂

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