Oscars and Rejection…

Yesterday, we decided to do a Oscar nominations marathon. On the menu was Good Night and Good Luck, Capote, Walk the Line, and Brokeback Mountain. They were all good movies, worth of their various nominations. Of the four, my personal favorite was probably Walk the Line. The best “movie” was probably Brokeback Mountain. Capote and Good Night were both interesting with interesting stories.

If you have been following national weather, you know that the NYC area got hit with a major snowstorm that started yesterday afternoon. Just as we were going into the first movie at, 2pm, the first of the snowflakes was starting to fall. Between every movie we looked and saw definite progression. After getting out of the last movie, at 12:30am, there was quite a lot of snow on the ground. There was at least 5 or 6 inches of snow on the hood of the car. We got the car cleaned up and drove the 15 or 20 miles home, which took most of an hour. The drive was slow and most of it was behind snow plows, but, there weren’t very many cars on the road so the drive was slow, but, not terribly difficult or treacherous.
The funniest thing of the day occurred when  buying the tickets for the fourth movie… I had been buying tickets at the automatic ticket kiosk all day. When I went to pay for the tickets for the fourth movie it told me my debit card had exceeded its limit for purchases. We were undoubtedly the theater’s best customers of the day, who probably should have been comped a ticket at this point, and we were being told we couldn’t buy tickets. Sheesh! We had to go to the box office to buy tickets. Had there been a line, they would have completely lost the ticket sales, probably.

My last observation is that movie theaters, especially in the smaller auditoriums, need to go digital… in part this is due to the vastly improved picture quality, the removal of the scratches, etc., but, I was just astonished at how loud the projector was in three of the four movies we saw. I could hear the projector through the entire movie, which was really a bummer.

All in all, it was a fun day of catching up on movies. We still need to see Syriana, North Country, and probably a couple others, but, we feel much more caught up.

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