Watching The Oscars, Almost an Xbox 360

While I am sure Steve is disappointed in me, we am watching, like tons of other movie fanatics out there, the Academy Awards. This year Deb and I have seen almost all of the nominated movies (except the shorts and foreign films). We finished getting caught up over the last couple days by watching North Country, Cinderella Man, Corpse Bride, Transamerica, Hustle and Flow, and Pride and Prejudice (well, Deb watched that last one without me). They were all really good movies. We missed Junebug, Howl’s Moving Castle, The New World, and The Squid and the Whale, but, hopefully we will catch those soon.

I was out today looking at webcams and stopped into Circuit City. They had 5 or 6 Xbox 360 “core systems” in stock, but, sadly, no “premium” systems. I considered buying one… I would like to have one, but, I decided to stick to my guns. Buying a “core system” is just a waste – I want the hard drive, I want the wireless controller, I want the DVD remote (if they are still packing that in there) and I need the HD-video cable. I would end up spending more than the price difference if I got the core system. If there was a game on the 360 I was dieing to play, I might have changed my mind, but, right now there are only games I would “like” to play (no “must buys”). Oh well, maybe in a few weeks or a month.

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