Finished New Super Mario Bros (Sort of)

I finished New Super Mario Brothers, well, sort of…. To “finish” the game you have to kill Bowser in the 8th world, but, you don’t have to visit every world, etc. I completed most of the stages of 6 of the 8 world. Now, I just need to go back and collect all (most?) of the big gold coins, finish all the other stages and the two other worlds. Now that I have “finished” the game I can definitely say this game was a ton of fun and there is still more fun to bad had. A darn near perfect side scrolling platformer. If you are a Mario fan (or just a platformer plan) and have a DS (or a DS Lite!) you must get this game.

At the Nintendo Midnight event last night we also picked up Tetris DS which we are really enjoying. All the new play modes and multilayer modes are a lot of fun. If you enjoy Tetris this is probably the quintessential version.

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