The Weekend

Most of our weekend has been pretty relaxed… I’m battling a sore throat, which is a drag, but, we did make it out yesterday to see An Inconvenient Truth and to stand in line for the Nintendo midnight launch of the DS Lite at Nintendo World in Rockefeller Plaza. I highly recommend that everybody go see An Inconvenient Truth.
We got to Nintendo World at about 8pm there were something like 32 people in front of us. By about 11pm there were about 45 people in front of us. This is to be expected — people saving places for friends – a tad annoying, but, to be expected. There was a DJ was from a local hip hop (?) station. They were doing a bunch of trivia questions and such (starting with NintenDogs but later mostly Zelda questions) giving away swag from the radio station. It was too bad they didn’t have any Nintendo stuff to give away. Nintendo did provide free pizza and water, which was a really nice touch.

Nintendo didn’t start letting people into the store to purchase units until about 12:20am (people were starting to get antsy by 11:55pm). After they finally started letting people in, it went pretty smoothly.

The only complaints I had were (1) I’d like to know why they couldn’t actually let people in to buy units until 12:20am and (2) security really should have been watching the line better. Four people tried to, at the last minute, cut into line near us. Two of the four were completely stopped, I think, but two middle aged ladies did manage to make it into line a couple groups behind us. I notified security and a manager who acted like they would do something. I didn’t wait long enough to find out of they did something, but, I can hope. One can hope there is a special level of hell for line jumpers like this.

Anyway, I got my DS Lite, my old DS sold on Ebay just a few days ago and I got what I wanted for it (for the most part). I really like the DS Lite. The event was fun. We will probably consider doing it again for the Wii, if there is such a gathering. Probably have to arrive earlier for the Wii 🙂

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