Cedar Point

We went to western Pennsylvania for a wedding (which was very nice) and decided while we were in the area we would head up to Sandusky, OH to visit Cedar Point, a park well known for its roller coaster (I am a big roller coaster fan). While I can see the attraction to the park, there are lots of good coasters, I would not call it the highlight of my theme park visits. There are a few reasons for this… The first reason is that it was very hot and humid, probably 95F and 70% humidity (or so it seemed, anyway). The second reason is that the lines were LONG. The really wimpy coasters at 15 minute waits, the mid-level coaster had 45 minute waits, the good coasters had 90-120+ minute waits, which is just crazy — we really should go back on a fall day when school is in session or something. But, what has really ruined theme parks for me is the advent of the QBot, a nifty device that lets you virtually stand in line for rides while you can walk around the park. Yes, you have to pay an extra charge for the QBot but to not have to stand in the line is completely worth it. Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great Adventure let you rent a QBot, Cedar Point does not. When the lines are long and the heat is high, the QBot is worth every penny. We would have stayed much longer and ridden many more rides if Cedar Point had the QBot — as it was we only got to ride 4 or 5 of the coasters. Oh well, maybe we’ll get back there this fall or next season.

For what its worth, I think Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is almost as good of a roller coaster park, is much closer to us, and DOES have the QBot.

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