Games I’m Playing

I have been able to get some game playing in, probably a bit more than usual. My quick impressions are:

  • Titan Quest for the PC. This is a lot of fun, very Diablo-esque with really nice graphics. It is a touch buggy, crashing and having graphical glitches pretty frequently, but, when it’s running it is a lot of fun and looks great. No where near as solid a game as Dungeon Siege or Dungeon Siege II, but, more Diablo like than those.
  • Prey for the PC and Xbox 360. I have played the demo of Prey for the 360 and the full version for the PC and I have to say this is a really nifty first person shooter (FPS). FPS almost always play better on PCs than on consoles, but, both version are good. Either way, get the demo and try it, pretty neat. The stuff they do with gravity and portals is a lot of fun.
  • Tetris DS. This is a really stellar version of Tetris. I have gotten to level in the standard version. Can you do better? 🙂 If you have a DS, go get Tetris.
  • Super Princess Peach for the DS. Lots of fun, really easy. A good intro for side scrolling platformers.
  • Cloning Clyde for Xbox 360: Playing the demo, will probably got the full version. Lots more fun that I thought it would be from the screen shots. Wacky side scrolling puzzle solving, kind of like playing the first Oddworld games. Definitely worth a look.
  • Frogger for the Xbox 360: Played the demo, no real interest in buying the full version.
  • Battle for Middle Earth 2 for the Xbox 360: Played the demo, it was pretty good but I am just not into real time strategy (RTS) games any more, if you are into RTS but don’t want to play it on a PC, this seems to be a really good implementation for the consoles – control was remarkably good for not having a mouse.
  • Uno, in real life (gasp) and on the Xbox 360: Always good, the 360 version is lots of fun, same in real life 🙂

I think that’s about it. Go play something!

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