Some Gaming

I’ve been able to get in some gaming lately. I started playing Dungeon Siege II again. I previously played it through near the end of Act I (there are Acts I – III). I am now near the end of Act II. It is a very solid, longish game. Lots of fun. It took a while to get back into the hang of playing, but, it is a good game (if you are into the real-time D&D type games).

This weekend I also started playing Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando again — when I was playing before I got through about 60% of it, am now something like 80% through. Lots of fun, an excellent platformer / shooter. The R&C series is really cream of the crop stuff. I have R&C 3: Up Your Arsenal, which should be lots of fun too. I may just get some more life out of my PS2 yet – I rarely use my PS2, but, there really are some great PS2 exclusive games.

I picked up Sonic Rush for the DS. It is good, the graphics and sound are really nice and control is solid. It is fun, but, it can be very frustrating. I frequently end up getting killed over and over and over in the same places. Oh well. I wouldn’t call it my favorite DS game, but, it is fun. My favorite DS game is still (without a doubt) Tetris DS. I made it to level 15 in the single player Marathon mode which I think is quite an achievement, IMO. Can YOU do better? 😉 It is amazing that after something like 20 years since I first played Tetris Nintendo can release Tetris again and it can become my favorite portable game.
We were listening to the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack last night on the train – brought back lots of great memories. This was one of the most underrated Xbox games (that and Psychonauts). I played it all the way through at least three times.

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