Crank! Godfather 1 and 2 again. Sly Cooper.

We went to see the movie Crank, the new movie starting Jason Statham – one of my favorite British action stars. This is a super fast, non-stop, high energy action film. Excellently cast and acted with a clever story. It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it — unless you are offended by fowl language, over the top violence, or a touch nudity (including Jason’s backside, shown repeatedly). If you like action films, go see this one.

We re-watched The Godfather and Godfather Part II over the weekend. Just as good as the previous viewings. Great, timeless movies.

Playing Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Lots of fun. If you like platformers and have a PS2, I would definitely recommend it.

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