HD Video Switcher

I have a number of HD video sources and switching between them (the audio and the video) can get kind of tricky. I recently discovered the JoyTech ControlCenter 240c and I really like it. You can use this to switch audio and video between six HD (component video) sources (and one non-HD for a total of 7 inputs). You can also program the display to show whatever tag you like when you change to that device. My only complaint with the device is that while it contains ethernet ports for three input devices (and one on the “output”), it seems that the device switches ethernet the same way it switches A/V… only one device is connected to the network at a time — I would much rather it work like a normal network hub / switch and connect them all, all of the time. Oh well. This device is definately a welcome addition to my setup. I even still have one extra input… probably not for a PS3 but maybe for a Wii? 🙂

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