New Google Reader, Short Bus Sneak Preview

Google Reader has released a major UI update. While my fingers are really used to the old version, I love the new interface and will learn the new shortcut keys soon enough. They changed things pretty much exactly how I would have. I really like it a lot.

We went to a sneak preview of the indie movie Shortbus last night. We enjoyed it, found it to be well done and though provoking, but, this is a movie that is definitely not for everyone. While the movie is arguably not really about sex but instead about relationships, there is a lot of sex and nudity, chock full of overt homosexual (and heterosexual) situations. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you should definitely skip it. We had no idea what the content of the movie was going to be and we weren’t offended (we’re pretty hard to offend), but, we can see how many people would have justifiably walked out within the first few minutes. The screening took place on the NYU campus. The audience was probably about as optimal — they generally seemed to enjoy the movie. I only noticed one person walk out and that was well over half way through the movie.

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