The Prestige, Splinter Cell Double Agent, Lumines Live

We went to see The Prestige. Written, directed (etc.) by Christopher Nolan, the same guy who did Memento and Batman Begins. It was incredibly solid. Very well done. It had a lot more flavor from Memento than Batman Begins (no surprise). Great story, good casting and acting. We saw where it was going before it got there, but, that didn’t take away from the movie. Really fun. We also saw The Illusionist recently — somewhat similar in theme, but, Prestige was hands down better.

I have been planing Splinter Cell Double Agent. It is a lot of fun. The Splinter Cell series is easily one of my favorite game series and this one hasn’t let me down. I would say it is harder than the previous games, but, that may be because I am trying really hard to get all (or most) of the objectives (including never tripping any alarms), so, that adds to the overall difficulty level. If you haven’t played any of them and have a PC or an Xbox (or a 360) go get the original game and try it out. Playing Splinter Cell is different from lots of other games, though, you have to be quiet and stealthy – you cannot run and gun through the levels.

I also started playing Lumines Live! on Xbox 360 Live Arcade. It is a falling pieces puzzle game, somewhat like Tetris. Originally Lumines was released for the PSP and has quite a following there. It is a very fun, addictive game, but I haven’t quite nailed the strategy yet (I am getting better, though). I would say it is a pick up and play that anybody could try, but, it may be a touch fast from the outset for the absolutely casual gamer. I’ll have the wife play it some more and report back on this 🙂

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