We had a nice Christmas here in NY on Roosevelt Island. I spent the day with my beautiful wife – breakfast/lunch at the island diner, I finished making my annual Christmas gumbo, she made cookies. We had dinner with several folks from the apartments (mostly folks from the weekly game night). Nice time had by all, I think.

A few of the Christmas gift highlights include (but aren’t limited to) Arrested Development Season 2 DVDs (thanks Greg and Jill!),  Rainbow Six: Vegas for the Xbox 360 (thanks, sweetie!), and a crazy book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris (of Strangers with Candy, umm, fame), which I hadn’t even heard of – but is really great (thanks Steve and Cheryl!). Santa got me a pair of Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator Earphones, which sound really great. Oh yeah, and new game, Fact or Crap – we’re looking forward to trying it out at game night (thanks, Tish and Marv, err, Secret Santa).
I guess I finished GRAW single player just in time so I could start in on Rainbow Six: Vegas (well, I do need to finish Gears of War, but…). R6:Vegas is really impressive. It has great graphics and a fantastic control scheme. I might have slightly changed one or two things, but, it is really, really solid and a lot of fun. Like GRAW it is no cake-walk – it is challenging and somewhat unforgiving (but probably a touch more forgiving than GRAW). If you liked GRAW (or other tactical shooters) you should definitely give R6:Vegas a try.

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