Over the holiday I picked up a used Sony PSP. Getting it from the seller was somewhat of a fiasco. He said he shipped on Dec 14th but it turns out it didn’t actually start making it’s trip across the country until Dec 26th — oh well, what can you do. The screen wasn’t in as good condition as the seller mentioned, but, it isn’t bad at all and hopefully I can use some scratch remover to bring it back into near perfect condition. I have played a few games on it (Lumines and others) and must say it works really well. The screen on the PSP is astonishingly good, but, it is kind of a brick (size and weight-wise) compared to the Nintendo DS. The battery life seems to be decent – enough for my needs. I guess on a long flight if you wanted to watch more than one movie or play a game for the entire flight you would drain it – so a second battery MIGHT be warranted, but, it seems fine for day-to-day stuff.

Other than Lumines, I have tinkered around with Lumines II (very nice), Megaman Powered Up (very nice, takes the retro Megaman and puts some VERY nice sound and graphics on it), Killzone: Liberation (I am undecided on this one, great graphics – just need to play it some more), and Every Extend Extra (from the makers of Lumines – I just need to play more I haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet). I am mostly just playing Lumines at this point, but, it is (as always) pretty amazing.

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