More PSP Goodness

Playing more with the PSP – mostly Lumines. I have found the extra time playing Lumines on the PSP has really improved my game on the 360 – I broke 100,000 points this evening. Sadly, playing on the PSP has further displayed how poor the 360’s Dpad is, especially compared to the PSP – control of Lumines on the PSP is considerably tighter.

I may have mentioned before that I bought the PSP used. It was advertised as having a screen with no scratches, but sadly that wasn’t the case. There was only one really noticeable scratch but a TON of small scratches. I ordered some Displex from ebay. It finally arrived this evening and with a little work, the Displex removed almost all of the small scratches and improved the bigger scratch. After I got the screen as good as it seemed it would get, I applied the ShieldZone Invisible Shield for Sony PSP (which I ordered about the same time I bought the PSP). I am not sure if I have written about them before, but, the ShieldZone Invisible Shields are amazing products – I now have them on my Treo, my DS, my PSP, my iPod, and my wife’s Palm. They are relatively easy to install, are completely scratch proof, and never need replacing. Watch their videos, order their product, you will not be sorry. I am a HUGE believer. Anyway (off the soap box), after installing the Invisible Shield you cannot see any of the scratches whatsoever – the screen looks amazing and the beauty is it will NEVER get scratched again. Now I am just waiting for a larger Memory Stick.

I set the wallpaper on the PSP to a picture of my cat Wednesday from a recent set of picture we took of the cats. I must admit that the screen on the PSP looks astonishing and I am surprised that the battery life is much better than I expected it would be.

I have also been goofing around with some knitting looms (of the Knifty Knitter variety). So far I have made five or six hats and learned how to do several different kinds of stitches. It’s been fun to learn something new (Deb is a crocheter and a knitter, so, it is interesting to get a small taste of what she does). It is definitely not “real knitting” but it is interesting to spend a few hour of work and pop! out comes a hat.

Now, I just need to motivate Steve into updating his blog and Flickr 😛

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