I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging a bit more often. We had a nice weekend. On Saturday we (the wife and a group of co-Octagon-dwellers and me) went out to look at an apartment complex in Queens (in Kew Gardens, which is pretty far out in Queens but still on the F line). They were very nice apartments but no less expensive than what our current place will be after the increase in rent (starting in May). The primary advantages would be (a) covered parking and (b) a somewhat larger space. It is somewhat unlikely we will move to these apartments but will look at a few others places (primarily in Queens) before we sign the new lease where we are.

I played a bit more Crackdown and am still having a lot of fun with that.

We saw a few more of the Oscar contenders over the weekend, notably Blood Diamond (very good!) Babel (also very good) and The Last King of Scotland (and a very interesting movie). We had our minuscule Oscar gathering (after game-night where we played a game if “mondo” Killer Bunnies). I wasn’t particularly surprised by any of the winners – all in all it was a good award show.

No major plans for the week. We’ll probably try to catch up on some TV, see a couple more movies, and play more Crackdown. I think the missus is planning on doing some ice skating in Central Park.

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