Do you like… stuff?

We’re slowly trying to catch up on movies… we saw Breach last weekend (which was excellent) and Zodiac this weekend (also excellent). I am hoping to catch 300 (preferably on IMAX) sometime this week (perhaps tonight).

We signed a lease on a new apartment (yes, it has been a year since we did this last) in New Rochelle, NY. The new place will give us quite a bit more space for no more money and the commute will be “about the same”. We have sort of started packing (but will get really serious about in very soon).

I killed all the bosses in Crackdown for the 360 (what a great game!) this last week and have most of the Agility Orbs – will probably continue to try to get the rest. I have 4 stars or better in all skills except driving (only 3 stars right now). This weekend I played (all of) King Kong for the 360. King Kong was fun (and gave me 1000 achievement points) – it is a very “on rails” shooter – there is ONE path through the game, no chance for deviation. The graphics were pretty nice, the game was fun. It really was like playing a movie (well, a 7 hour movie with lots of shooting and spearing dinosaurs). There is a bit of playing as Kong – which is a lot of fun. For me it has almost no replay-ability, so, I am really glad I rented it.
Not much else going on here, but, with the move our world will get very hectic for a couple weeks.

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