(Mostly) moved

We had a LONG weekend. We took three trips in the SUV of boxes and “stuff” to the new apartment. We were astonished every time we walked in at “how big” the place felt but felt sure that once all the furniture (and the rest of the boxes) were moved it wouldn’t feel nearly as big. Yesterday, we moved all of the furniture (we’re ALMOST out of the old place, one or two more trips by SUV) with the fantastic help of some friends and we are still amazed to find it feels really big! Yay! It is amazing how living in a 500 square foot shoe box (a nice one, but…) can reset your expectations of “big”.

We spent a bit of time on Friday exploring the new neighborhood and absolutely love it. We quite close (driving or a reasonable walk) to a huge Costco, Home Depot, and a Linen’s and Things. A very short drive to a Target & Best Buy. VERY easy walking distance to a huge entertainment complex (18-plex theater and IMAX, bowling, ice skating, etc.) TONS of (what appear to be) great restaurants. Steps from the Metro North train. We just love it.

I got (for an amazing price, after a bit of work) a Sharp Aquos LC-37D62U. It comes in on Wednesday (tomorrow!!). I am so excited to try it out. Cable and internet is coming on Thursday, but, I’ll probably pick up an HD antenna to see if that will work well enough for us.

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