Finished moving. Woot!

We got the very last odd and the very last end moved this weekend, apartment cleaned, and keys turned in. Happily they were able to lease it for April 1 so we don’t have to pay the two weeks of overlap, which will be nice with taxes coming due in a couple weeks. We’re still are loving the new neighborhood.

I went to see The Hills Have Eyes 2 last night – meh, nowhere near as interesting as the first one or the original – I’d say skip it if you were considering it. I wanted to see a couple other movies but I wanted to wait for Deb to have time to go.

The new TV looks great. The only “issue” is that for SD television to look good you really have to sit back 5 or 6 feet, if you are close, SD stuff looks pretty sad – I had heard this before but it is true. I suppose tuning the set might help – I’ll have to do that soon (just need to find my tuning disc).

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