Mein Wochenende

The misses and I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Mostly hung around the new place, spent some time with friends, caught up on some TV and played (a fair bit of) Guitar Hero II. I am happy to say I got five stars on absolutely all of the Easy songs and I almost completed the Medium songs (I think I have three or four songs left on Medium — this page includes the song list). We played a little GH2 co-op. While we were out running around yesterday, we picked up a second guitar controller so we can play co-op and both use guitars (actually, I bought a second game/controller set and am just selling the game – it is impossible to find just the guitar right now). I’m telling you, if you have a PS2 or a 360, go get Guitar Hero II or let me know when you want to come by and I’ll show you how to play 🙂 It is absolutely addictive and a blast.

We’ve been watching the new show Drive, which we like so far – but we’re big Nathan Fillion fans from the Firefly days. We finally starting to watch this winter’s Lost episodes and we staying caught up with American Idol (yay! no more Sanjaya), Sopranos, and Amazing Race. I ordered Twin Peaks Season Two, which will happily complete my Twin Peaks DVD collection – I’ve been waiting for the season two DVDs for a long time.

Regarding Sanjaya – don’t think we’re just hating on Sanjaya – at the beginning of the season we really liked him but it became evident that he was clearly not as good a singer as some of the others and should have been voted off several weeks ago – not to mention that Blake should not have been in the bottom three last week. Regarding Charla and Mirna on the Amazing Race… we are just hating on them – Mirna is just absolutely nasty, I am surprised nobody has smacked her (including Charla) – we just hate seeing them finish every week knowing we will have to watch her nastiness again next week.

We think we finally found a blackout curtain solution that works – the “Euro-Premium Blackout Drapery Liners” (you can get them from – if you watch you can frequently get a big discount on that site) – we don’t like that the set that is advertised as 2 panels, 54″ but is actually two 27″ panels, but, they DO blackout the light. We paired these with a set of normal curtains and they do a great job.

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