Medium. Conquered.

I completed medium on GH2 including Freebird (and on the first try). I need to go back and work on increasing my scores on the medium songs – I doubt I will be able to “5 star” all of medium ones like I did with the easy ones (at least not in the immediate future) – I have four and five stars on some of them, but, getting them all to at least four stars will be a big enough accomplishment for now.

I have been reading the newly released book Pro Drupal Development. I use Drupal to run a couple of websites and have been wanting to learn more about developing new modules for it. If you have any interest in running a CMS-type site that supports forums, etc. Drupal is an excellent choice – the  Drupal software seems to be very cleanly written and their module system makes it incredibly extensible. I am incredibly impressed by this book – it is well written, very detailed but understandable. There were places where I needed slightly modified functionality and I manually hacked the code, now I can clearly see how to write modules to do the same thing. Drupal is written in PHP and requires either a MySql or Postgres database.

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