Fire Walk With Me

Since they (finally!) released Twin Peaks Season 2 on DVD, I’ve been watching Twin Peaks during my commutes. Start to finish, I watched the pilot, all 29 episodes, and now I am watching the Movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The show really held up nicely – I really enjoyed it. I watched a fair bit of it when it first aired (while I was in college), I watched it on VHS (I had the complete set of tapes), and am now happy to have the complete set on DVD. The quality quite good (much better than VHS). Of course it is all in 4:3 aspect ratio, but that is to be expected – the source material was TV broadcast long before people even thought about HDTV. Sadly, the “extras” are kind of slim but it is still a great show. All in all, it was fun and I know I’ll enjoy the movie (I saw it in the theater and once or twice since then).

I’m still playing Guitar Hero II on the 360. I am missing a single solitary star on Medium to have 5-star’d all of the Medium songs campaign – I have only been able to get 4-stars on “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies – sometimes I think I may have the 5th star but it continues to elude me. I have completed a touch more than 6 of the 8 sets on Hard and they indeed are pretty hard. I barely squeaked by on a few of them. Several times I have hit a wall on Hard, but after extensive practice (and some luck) I was able to complete songs. “Woman” by Wolf Mother had me pulling my hair out for a while as did “Crazy for You” by Heart, but I finally beat both of them. The missus is even playing a fair bit of GH2. She has completed Easy and is about half way through Medium. It is fun to watch her improve (she isn’t a big game player) – this really is a game that can cross the game player / non-game player lines. I am taking a trip next week and she told me I couldn’t take the 360 because she wants to play GH2.

I saw Hostel II. It was decent (if you’re into that kinda thing). It wasn’t just a re-do of Hostel – it was somewhat easier to watch than the first one and was interesting in that it showed the “story” for more points of view. If you liked the first one it is probably worth seeing.

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