Done. 800 (Freakin) Times

During my initial Crackdown playing I got “most” of the Agility orbs and about half of the Hidden orbs. Back in May I got “serious” about Orb hunting and found all 300 Hidden orbs (with, admittedly, some map help). At that same time I got 499 of the 500 Agility orbs. I have been hunting, on and off, for the 500th orb since them. I “knew” it was in Shai Gen (for no good reason) but couldn’t find it after hunting and hunting. Tonight I FINALLY found it. YAY! Crack(down) the champagne. If you are hunting for your 500th orb, look in the southwest of Shai Gen on top of the “Epcot Globe”. After I found it I did some Google’ing and this is, apparently, the last orb for lots of people.

In the meantime I have made some continued strides on Guitar Hero 2 (almost finished Hard, about half way through Expert), finished Halo 2, and started Call of Duty 2. How I just need to finish Call of Duty 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, and GRAW2 so I don’t feel TOO guilty starting Bioshock toward the end of August 😉

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