Since we last spoke, I have completed (200 out of 200 achievement points, woot!) Cloning Clyde for the 360 – lots of fun… I got it when it first came out, played most of it but then forgot about it. I am really glad I went back to it, what a great game. I am 3 (very difficult) songs from completing the Guitar Hero 2 “Hard” level. I have completed about half the songs on “Set 5” (of 8) on the “Expert” level (which I am very proud of) – but I’m not sure how much more I will be able to complete. It’s fun to realize that playing “Medium” songs feel incredibly slow and I wonder how I had problems with those songs just weeks ago.

We saw the movie Hot Rod.  It was stupid but funny. We laughed a lot but it won’t even be considered for a single award, but it wasn’t the worst movie of its kind by a long shot. If you like goofy, dumb movies go see it. If you find such movies a waste of time, you’ll find this one to be a waste of time, too.

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