A Weekend of Video Games

Took the missus to see The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, a fun documentary about the trials and tribulations of a Donkey Kong player trying to dethrone the Donkey Kong high score holder (who established the high score in 1982). It was very interesting and proved that truth is stranger (funnier) than fiction. If you like Christopher Guest movies but want the real-life version (and you like video games) you should see this movie when it comes to your town – it is currently in very limited release. The NYC (Times Square) crowd on Friday night were obviously video game fans. Billy Mitchell might or might not have gotten the raw end of the stick in this film, but no publicity is bad publicity -right?

Interestingly, we also watched a short show about the Pac Man (2007) world championships which took place a couple months ago in NYC. Billy Mitchell showed up in this tournament but got his butt handed to him – which was fun after the Donkey Kong movie.

Coming out on Tuesday is BioShock for the 360 (and PC) and I am really looking forward to playing this. To prepare, I finished (100%, 1250 gamerscore) Crackdown – with some end-game help from a co-worker (two of the achievements require co-op play). This game was great. It was fantastic. I think it was just about the most fun I have had with a video game. I would hate to tally up the total number of hours I spent playing this game and collecting the various achievements, but, I finally achieved the 1250 gamerscore. The hardest part was undoubtedly the Street Races – although the orb hunting might have taken more raw time. I think I am now done with the game unless friends need help with some of the co-op bits.

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