Food goes Web 2.0?

We went to brgr, a newish NYC burger place. If you’ve visited us in NYC, we probably took you to the Burger Joint, which is my favorite burger in the city, but I like to try new places. brgr did make a tasty burger, the prices aren’t cheap but they aren’t outrageous. It was amusing that they ask you how you want it cooked, but then they seem to ignore that and make them all the same. Their menu is pretty simple, burgers, veggie burgers, fries, sweet potato fries, “onion hay” (think incredibly thin onion rings, battered, fried), two kinds of beer, soda, lemonade, maybe some shakes. We had a brgr, a veggie brgr, fries, sodas, and onion hay. The missus enjoyed the veggie brgr, I enjoyed the brgr (but it isn’t as good as the Burger Joint burger). The fries were good (similar to the Burger Joint). The onion hay was really very tasty both by itself and on the burger. So, the verdict? In general we did like it, but if you just want a great burger, go to the Burger Joint. If you want a slightly wider menu (including veggie burgers and TWO kinds of beer), a larger seating area, and find yourself in Chelsea, go to brgr.

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