BioShock. Complete (well, 960/1000)

Today I finished up BioShock on the 360. It was really an amazing game.  I really cannot think of anything I would change about it. Just the right difficulty to stay fun throughout but not be “easy” (but not be frustratingly difficult) – if you are persistent you can get past any of it. The graphics and sound were absolutely top notch. A great story with twists I didn’t see coming but added very nicely to the game. I can easily imagine this will be “game of the year” – Halo 3 should be quaking in its yet-to-be-released boots, I just cannot imagine it will be better. After finishing about 90% of the game I went back through the earlier levels to get most of the remaining achievements (finding some things I had not picked up earlier, etc.) then I finished the game with the “nice-guy ending”. I think loaded a slightly earlier game save, got one more achievement, then finished the game again to get the “bad-guy ending”. My only remaining achievement is to play the game all the way through on the Hard difficulty setting. I think I’ll put it aside for a bit before trying that.

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