An evening of HORROR!

The missus (not really a horror fan) was out for the afternoon so I decided to head over to the nearby megaplex to see Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of Halloween, on of my favorite horror flicks. I would say he did a solid job telling the story within the story of Halloween. It had its flaws, nowhere near perfect or the best horror film out there, but if you like Rob Zombie movies (and he makes some great ones) and you liked the original Halloween, you’ll probably enjoy this one too.

To round off the evening, the missus and I watched Return of the Living Dead, which is more comedy than horror (but I wasn’t able to convince one of my my high  school girlfriends of that fact) – I saw this movie first run in the theater (wow, 1985!?!? – I thought it was later than that) and still enjoy it every time I watch it. Funny story, very campy, incredibly bad script and worse acting, but a lot of fun.

One thought on “An evening of HORROR!”

  1. I agree Return of the Living Dead is lots of fun, though I prefer watching Night of the living dead once again (i think I’ll just do tonight!, have it on a DVD). Did you know Return of the Living Dead came started by a dispute between John Russo and George Romero over how sequels of their Night of the Living Dead should be to handles? Wikipedia says “the two reached a settlement wherein Romero’s sequels would be referred to as the Dead movies, and Russo’s sequels would bear the suffix Living Dead”… this is also funny LOL 🙂

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