Dethroning the King

My Palm Treo 650 has been acting up lately, not holding a charge. I suspect the problem is with the phone and not the battery, but to be sure I stopped by the Sprint store on my way into work to leave it with them for the day. I got there a few minutes before they opened and was the first one there. After they opened, I walked toward the front and asked the lady who opened the door which line to go to for “service”. She was a little slow to answer my question and while I was waiting an older man in a black shirt and jeans darted in front of me to the one service agent. The older guy, speaking rather loudly started saying something which included “do you know who I am? I’m Larry King” (I don’t believe he wasn’t being condescending, just making sure the service person knew who he was). Sure enough, it was Larry King. The women who opened the door for me quickly got the attention of the service agent helping Larry and said “umm, this guy was here first”. SLAM! The guy told Larry he would have to wait since I was there before he was. Haha. Larry none too pleased – I believe his statement was something like “Jesus! Unbelievable! How do I get some help here!”. He walked over to another employee and again said “Hi, I’m Larry King” and continued to explain his problem. The guy helping me just sort of rolled his eyes at all the name dropping. I got the feeling they see a lot of “celebs” who want special treatment.

After Larry finished talking to the service people he started talking to a women and her baby, just making chit-chat but she I laughed when she told her baby “Say hi to Mr. King” to her baby. It was all very amusing to me. She told Larry that her ten monh old was grumpy because he “didn’t like to wear his jacket”. Larry told her that his 8 year old doesn’t like to wear a jacket, either. Dang, Larry has an 8 year old??? I can see an 8 year old grandson but a son?

Anyway, my phone is now in for service and hopefully by the end of the day it will be working correctly again. I just wish I had my camera.

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