Books and Movies

I watched Helvetica via streaming video from Netflix. The Netflix streaming quality is really decent and the movie was interesting — it won’t have a lot of mass appeal, it’s a documentary about the creation and use of the Helvetica typeface. I found the movie to be pretty fascinating.

We watched Charlie Wilson’s War. I always enjoy Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman, so it was an easy choice. It was a good movie, very interesting. Well written and acted. At times it felt kind of low-budget, but it didn’t need to be a slick multi-million dollar movie as the point of the movie was to tell the story, which it did well. I would highly recommend it.

I finished listening to the book The Ruins, as the movie trailers looked kind of interesting. The book wasn’t bad – a shortish little thriller. I think it could adapt pretty well to the movie, but the missus doesn’t think so – I guess we’ll see once it comes out. I picked up Stephen King’s latest book Duma Key, on audiobook and am looking forward to starting it.

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