Peggle, pretty fun

I finished (an obsessive 1000 gamer score) Assassin’s Creed last night. While it was fun doing more free running, the flags just weren’t as satisfying as the orbs in Crackdown. Heck, the game just wasn’t nearly as satisfying as Crackdown, but I still had a good time. I hope they do more with what they have with Assassin’s Creed 2. We’ll see.

After hearing lots and lots of talk about Peggle, I decided to pick it up for my iPod… and discovered it really is a lot of fun. Pretty much it is like Pachinko, but nice graphics and fun gameplay. You can get it iPod Nano with Video, 5th gen iPods, or iPod Classic (not the old Nano or the iPhone). If you are looking for a game to add to your iPod to help pass the time, I feel pretty confident in saying this is the best one available and it’s only $5. For $10 you can play it on the PC via Steam, or if you are adverse to Steam you can get it for $20 from Pop-Cap. If you go the Steam route and like Sudoku, Zen of Sudoku is a really nice game, too. I have also heard Peggle is coming for the 360 via XBLA later this year.

And on the “free software for Windows scene”, Enso is now free — but I still like Launchy better. Enso makes you do a lot more typing, but they are both nice. If you run Windows (any flavor), check out Launchy. Finally, I am always looking for the best “download accelerator” and have recently discovered Free Download Manager and really like it a lot.

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