Tomato and a western

Like a huge percentage of the world that accesses the Internets&tm; via broadband, I use a Linksys router. I’ve used it for years and I stopped using the stock firmware years ago. I have used various 3rd party firmwares but for the last year or more I have been using DD-WRT. Its a nice piece of software, it has served me very well. It has loads more features than the stock firmware. My only real complaint with it is that it has lots of “release candidate” and “beta” updates but rarely seems to push a new “stable” versions. My experiences are that it runs flawlessly but often when I have wanted to make a change it FIRST required a reboot THEN it would accept changes correctly. Perhaps this is fixed in the current “release candidate” (which I was running since the new years) but I decided to try Tomato. After making notes of all my configuration options (probably more changes than the average user but less than may power users) I installed Tomato. Installation was a piece of cake. Reconfiguration was a breeze. While Tomato may not has quite as many features as DD-WRT, all of the ones I needed were very easy to locate and changes were generally faster than with DD-WRT as DD-WRT often requires a full reboot of the router and Tomato seems to just save settings or just restart portions of the software. I general, I don’t see any reason I would go back to DD-WRT (at least not yet), I think I will be happier with Tomato.

One more movie recommendation… I am a fan  Christian Bale and often like Russell Crowe. I saw 3:10 to Yuma over the weekend and just can’t say enough good things about it. It is a really solid western. Great acting, great script, great characters. Go rent or buy this fine film, I can’t imagine you will be disappointed.

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