360 Goes Into the Shop

My 360 got the infamous red ring of death 14 or 15 months ago. I got a replacement system. Went through the XBLA-DRM fiasco (another mention here and tons more, just search “xbla drm” on Google). They have since increased their warranty, but when I got the original red ring of death I purchased the “Extended Warranty” from Microsoft — at the time the woman at Microsoft Support discouraged me from buying it, but I did it anyway. Lately (a few months), my 360’s eject button often fails to correctly eject the disc and when it does eject the disc, the system often fails to read the game discs (gotten worse over the last month or so). I can work around this issues by being patient and trying multiple times, but I feel I shouldn’t have to – it should “just work”. Now that I have finished Assassin’s Creed and there is nothing coming out in the near future, I placed a call to Microsoft to exercise my extended warranty. The phone call went very smoothly and lasted less than 15 minutes and I was only placed on hold a single time. – my easiest call to Microsoft Support ever. In 3 weeks or a month I should have a replacement 360. Will I have to go through pains with XBLA again? Hopefully not, but we’ll see. For my “inconvenience” the are extending my extended warranty by three months and giving me a free month of Xbox Live, but since I won’t be able to use my system for nearly a month this only seems fair.

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