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The 360 comes back from it’s hospital stay tomorrow, woot! If it really does arrive tomorrow, the time from the initial phone call will have been 29 days. The time from when I actually mailed it will have been 21 days. The shipment to the Microsoft repair facility took a week, so total total time from them receiving the box to me getting it back will be 14 days, which isn’t too bad (and right at their estimation — they said 2 – 3 weeks). While shipping to them was slow UPS ground service, the return service is Fedex 2nd day, which makes me a bit happier.

The missus and I are totally wrapped up in Boston Legal. We’re more than half way through season two and I don’t see us stopping until we are completely caught up. What an amazing show. In some ways I am sad we haven’t been watching since the beginning, but in some ways I am glad we get this concentrated viewing where we can watch two or three back to back whenever we want. I just can’t say enough great things about this show. To continue our James Spader-athon we got Less Than Zero from Netflix – just as depressing as I remembered (and wow, Robert Downey Jr. was YOUNG in that movie). The book is even more depressing, if I remember right (both are good, though).

Two weekends ago the missus and I went to see Jumper – it wasn’t terrible but about what you’d expect. It had a really interesting premise and decent effects and visuals but the acting was not fabulous and the overall story lacked that “certain something” – but seriously, did you expect more? We also saw Definitely, Maybe which had a nice story, was well cast and acted. Worth seeing. I enjoyed seeing the “love story”-movie told with a different twist.

In preparation for the Oscars, this last weekend we watched Michael Clayton and American Gangster, both were very good — probably “must sees” for most people. we had already seen No Country For Old Men and I was so pleased to see the Coen Brothers just sweep up at the Oscars – I’ve been a huge Coen Brothers fine since Raising Arizona and it’s great to see them getting the respect and attention they really deserve. It was also great to see Juno get so many nods – Juno was one of my favorite 2007 movies.

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