Back from the dead! Going to Prom

Tekserve revived my iPod! I got a call from them that same afternoon that it was ready to pick up, same day service. This was definitely worth the $50 – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tekserve for others who need iPod repairs (who live near NYC).

We are doing the tour guide for some friends who are visiting this week (and last weekend). We’ve done the usual stuff (Central Park, 5th Ave, Times Square, etc.) and they have a lot more planned during this week. On Saturday night we went to see the off Broadway show Awesome 80’s Prom. It is a “show” set up like, well, an 80’s Prom Night. There is a lot of dancing (oddly to 1980’s music) but between songs the cast puts on a show, mostly related to the crowning of the Prom King and Prom Queen. We had a really good time. Predictably, I took lots of pictures – it is a very interactive show and they really encourage participation and picture taking.

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