House guests gone bye-bye

We had friends from out of town visit, they came for a hair over a week. The missus did a lot of tour-guiding, everybody had a good time – lots of sight seeing but lots of visiting and catching up, too.

I finished God of War: Chains of Olympus (for PSP) – I mentioned before, but it was a really good game; worth the praise it is getting. I mentioned before I picked up God of War II (for PS2) and have been playing that. I also decided to get God of War (also PS2) so I could play that first. It is fun playing all of them at about the same time, you can really see the progression (and differences) with control and graphics, although the style and feel seems largely the same in all three games, there are noticeable control differences. The graphics, given the fact these are PS2 and PSP games, are really amazing – they wouldn’t (generally) pass for Xbox 360 or PS3 graphics, but are really pretty impressive none the less. The gameplay is absolutely top notch. If you have a PS2 and haven’t played these (honestly, I am probably the only one with a PS2 who hadn’t played them) you should pick them up.

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