Taekwon-Do Competition

I attended my first Taekwon-Do competition. There were not very many entrants in the adult yellow belt range, but, it was lots of fun and I didn’t come in dead last so I will call it good 🙂 It was a great experience.

I am going with some folks to attempt some diving at Bottomless Lakes in Roswell, New Mexico. Hopefully visibility will be good, but, it is hard to say since it was raining earlier in the week all over the state. Also, toward the end of the month I should be back at Blue Hole for the ZiaDivers.org (Scuba Club) pumpkin carving competition. Last year there were only two drivers for the competition, we’ll see who shows up this year.

On the software development front, I have switched to using JasperReports and iReport for the bulk of my reporting needs. If you want to use JasperReports 0.6.1 make sure you get iReport 0.4.0 (I had to get it from CVS). It took a while to get it going partially because the support (mailing list) on both products seems quite spotty, but, I now have both running pretty well. I am much happier than I was with JReport.

On the entertainment front, I have started listening to Opie & Anthony on XM radio for their free month. It is showing some promise. My old favorite, The Monsters of the Morning, are dwelling way too much on wrestling for my taste, so, we’ll see if it is time for a regime change. Also, on the movie scene if you haven’t seen Sky Captain… Get on it — it’s a really cool movie.

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