Video card and Html, Record to MP3, PDF

My new monitor (Dell 1905FP) arrived as did my new video card (Leadtek 6600GT). Wow the new card is great and I cannot speak highly enough of the monitor. I have it attached via DVI and it looks GREAT. Even games that drop the resolution down to 800×600 look great on this monitor (native resolution of 1280×1024) — I was a little worried about running it at lower resolutions but my worries seem to be unfounded.

My relatively brief visit to New York went well. More on that in a week or so, maybe. No pictures to speak of.

Over this last weekend we took a road trip to Phoenix to see my wife’s dad and step mom. It was a nice trip. The drive from Albuquerque wasn’t as long as I thought it would be (about 6.5 hours).

Testing in Taekwon-do is this weekend – going from green belt to green belt with blue stripe. I am not too worried about the testing except that my school merged with another ITF school and that completely changed the required kicks and required breaking to what seems to be a much higher level. This isn’t a big problem, but, I feel there is quite a bit that it is now expected that I know that maybe we were never taught.

No scuba trips planned right now.

A couple things I am working on… I have been playing with how one using VB6 or C# would record from any particular input on the sound card directly to mp3. I have found some solutions that range from free to about $100 per developer that use Lame, proprietary, gogo.dll. I still need to play with this some more. Looking to write an app like TimeTrax. We’ll see. I originally used TotalRecorder to record MP3 (which works great!) but it doesn’t appear they offer a component to let me record to MP3 that I can then distribute. Haven’t decided if the free software will do enough or if maybe I will break down a buy something.

Also, I continue to look to see how one could take HTML 4.0 (with the extended table-related tags/information) and produce PDF. If the problem was HTML 3.2 I could use HTMLDOC, Corda Highwire, HTML2PDF, etc. but the HTML 4.0 requirement seems to muck everything up. It is interesting now that all current browsers (Firefox 1.x, IE 6.x, etc.) handle the HTML 4.0 table tags correctly and will print them nicely. I wish somebody would write a program like HTMLDOC but based on the Mozilla print engine with built in PDF support. I am sure something like this could be done but it doesn’t really interest me enough to attempt it.

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