Maps on google

I am sure most of you know about the extraordinary mapping software at — really nice stuff. Really easy to read, fast, draggable. This is by far the best web-based mapping software out there. It even supports display of satellite imagery for the maps you are viewing. Super slick. My only complaints are that I cannot click in arbitrary way points or just click in start and stop points. It would be nice if I could find a place on the map and click “Start from here” find another point and click “End here” and have it find directions. Also, given an established route a “route through” would be great. I guess you can’t have everything. Oh well.

The moving truck is supposed to be coming tomorrow morning to get the rest of (and bulk of) our stuff to move it back east. Maybe in a week or two I will have my TV back!

Not much new in the city or the job. Things are going well.

Saw House of Wax, which I really enjoyed. It is getting mixed and often negative reviews by the reviewers, but, I stand by my belief that most reviewers have no idea how to review a horror film. If you like horror, go see it.

After the movie I caught the NJ Transit train home and while I was wide awake I somehow managed to miss my train stop (had to happen eventually, right?). It was weird, I heard them say my stop was next, I saw a platform go by (presumably mine) but I didn’t feel the train stop. I guess with the reflections on the window I just didn’t register the stop. Under the right conditions at night it can be hard to see out the windows, but, I have never noticed that to be a problem at a stop. Oh well. I got off at the next stop, looked to see when the next north-bound train was, but, it wasn’t for almost an hour so I walked to a near by Quik Stop and got a cab. Unfortunately, it was one of the “flat rate” cabs and not a “metered” cab, so, I probably ended up paying 3 or 4 times what I should have — it was $12 instead of $3 or $4 — live and learn. The driver also had another employee of the same cab company in the car and had to drop him off way out east (where my stop was just slightly north). Needless to say I didn’t tip the jerk.

Started playing Jade Empire for the Xbox. Not very far into it but it seems like fun (an action RPG). I am considering getting a Sony PSP to play games and watch videos during my commute. Haven’t decided yet. I haven’t found the “killer game” for it, maybe Tony Hawk.

Until next time…

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