Mr. and Mrs. Batman

Over the weekend we went out to see Batman Begins and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Both are fine films. Well done with good stories and great effects. This Batman is, by far, the best Batman since the first Batman movie done by Tim Burton, and, it is possibly even better than that one. Christian Bale did a great job and having (just a few months ago) seen him in The Machinist (a really great film) it is amazing the physical transformation he went through for this role. This guy must have spent his entire life in the gym between the two movies. I easily recommend all of the films I have recommended in this paragraph.

Also this weekend we discovered a really tasty BBQ restaurant (chain) called Famous Daves. It looks like they are popping up all over. If you like BBQ try them out. We also discovered a great park that is relatively close to where we live in New Jersey named Roosevelt Park (I believe it is in the city/township/whatever of Menlo Park). Big park with lost of trees, basketball courts, a lake, ice skating rink, bike paths, etc. Really neat place.

We started watching the BBC version of the Office. We enjoyed the US shamelessly stole from the BBC version so we are enjoying it.

From my previous post… I realized when I posted it but have had it pointed out… The portable DVD player I bought isn’t huge and bulky, it is just somewhat large compared to the new, top of the line players. The size is actually quite reasonable. I continue to be very happy with it. Since I bought it I have watched the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Man-Thing, and am currently watching Alien vs. Predator on it. Nice player.

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