Jak II, The Island

I started playing Jak II. This coming hot off the heals of finishing Jak and Daxter, which was a stellar platformer. Jak II is still a platformer, but, unlike Jak and Daxter which is a super-polished, prime example of a platformer, Jak II is a platformer with a lot of GTA-style gameplay mixed it. I will keep playing it because as a platformer the Naughty Dog folks know where it is at. I am kind of disappointed with the GTA-style gameplay elements, but, my opinion may change. The game gets really great reviews, so I will continue to give it a chance. Don’t get me wrong, I loved GTA, GTA2, GTA3, etc… those were great games, full of craziness and grit, but, it just doesn’t really fit here for me, at least not yet. BUT I am only about 10 missions into the game, so, I am willing for my opinion to change. I am keeping an open mind — when it DOES play like a platformer I am loving it.

We saw The Island this weekend. Obi-Wan, er, Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson both did a great job. The story was interesting, the effects were great, we both really liked it a lot. It is interesting that in RottenTomatoes it is only getting a 42%. Next I need to see Dark Water (STILL), Land of the Dead, and The Devil’s Rejects (I’m getting behind on my horror).

Spend some time with family at LBI this weekend. It was nice. Pictures will be on Flickr in a day or two.

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