We had a nice weekend. Went to the water park for part of the day then visited a couple of book stores looking for a JUnit book. On Sunday we went into the city to SP&SA, went to see Broken Flowers, hung out in Central Park, and walked back to the train. It was a nice weekend.

Broken Flowers was very funny, very interesting, and though provoking. It doesn’t explain everything, but, it doesn’t try to. It is a movie about the journey, not the destination. All that said, if Lost in Translation was lost on you, this probably will be too.

On Monday we went to dinner with my old boss. She and her husband were in town after helping their daughter move. We had a nice dinner and a walk to and through Times Square.

This weekend will probably be a “catch up on violent movies” weekend. Looking forward to Devil’s Rejects and one or two others. I have passes to a free screening of Whale Rider on Thursday night, so, I may see that as well.

I picked Jak II back up again tonight and I continue to feel that it is nicely done, but, nowhere near as good as the first game. They needlessly upped the difficulty not by making the game itself harder, instead, they just the increased distance between save points. This is frustrating because when you have to redo a section over and over you are often set way back. I also don’t really like the driving parts of this game. If I wanted a driving game I would have gotten a driving game. What I wanted was a platformer, like the first one. Yes, the first one had driving segments, but, this game is trying so hard to be “Jak + GTA III” that it is riddled with driving sections.

Until next time…

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