Our long weekend…

We had a relaxing long weekend. On Saturday we just relaxed around the apartment. On Sunday we went to see The Constant Gardener and The Brothers Grimm. On Monday we had a Firefly marathon, watching the first eight episodes of season one. The Constant Gardner was really good, a thought provoking film — it was well cast, well written, and well put together. The Brothers Grimm was interesting and had great effects, but, could have been somewhat clearer… it was definitely a Terry Gilliam film. Not his best but it was interesting. Firefly was as good as always — hopefully we will get it all watched before Serenity comes out.

I received the flip top case. It is clear and looks really great, but, the eject button isn’t really any better (or worse) — it is really the same case, just looks cooler.

I’ve been playing with PS2Reality Media Player to play video files via the network and via a USB drive (I couldn’t get it to play video files from a DVD-R disc). To stream over the network it uses a java program running on the PC that hosts the video files. Streaming over the network works so-so… I experienced frequent pauses and startup and resume (after a pause) was slow. Playback from USB drive seems to eliminate the pauses during playback and speed up the delays at startup and after pausing, but, it is still strangely slow. Maybe it is some flaw in the software? I really don’t know. I am going to be trying the Gameshark Media Player — should be interesting to see how it compares when streaming over the network (not sure if it supports USB drives).

I finished the game Ratchet and Clank and started Ratchet and Clank 2. Ratchet and Clank was very good, but, it did have its flaws… the save points were generally too far apart and much of the boss battles were far too difficult (but nothing an Action Replay cannot solve). I am also still playing Dungeon Siege II, which is lots of fun… I mentioned the user interface differences, but, they turned out to be no problems, just simplifications — it is a solid game.

Until next time…

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