I have been playing with various Wiki implementations. I tried PHP Wiki, TikiWiki, but finally settled on DokuWiki. PHPWiki seemed too simple and documentation seemed really sparse. TikiWiki seemed almost too configurable — so many screens of options, etc. While DokuWiki could have more configuration options that are changable at runtime, it seems to be a nice mix of simplicity and features. My only real complaint is the Wiki text layout language is different with each Wiki so just when you knew one you have to learn the markup in the next. Oh well, settle on one and be happy.

If you aren’t familiar with the Wiki concept, it is essentially a way to have a website where the content can easily be easily co-authored without the need for special software on each persons machine, no need for ftp, no need to learn HTML, etc. (although you do have to learn the relatively simple Wiki markup). It also keeps all old revisions, so if you mess up on a page you can always go back and look at how the document appeared in the past.

Played some more FEAR last night, continues to be lots of fun. Hope to finish season two of The West Wing tonight. Start season three soon. We’re going to see Gilbert Gottfried this weekend, should be fun. Not a whole lot else going on.

Until next time…

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